In 1985, me and my friend Christina signed off from the cruiser Royal Viking Sky in Stockholm. That night, we met Ingrid at Gröne Jägaren, who had a second hand shop at Tjärhovsgatan 3 at Söder. After a fun, wet night, we woke up as shop owners, me and Christina and my life changed.

The shop was really small, like our cabin no 118 abord the boat. So our cabin number became the name of the shop, 118 Second Hand. The favourite items was, of course, the leather jackets. So, we changed the name into 118 SECOND LÄDER and the content in the store went from second hand blouses, skirts etc to leather. Thank god.

After a few years, me and Christina went seperate ways and I moved to Vasastan, first I had a shop at Sigtunagatan 5 and now, Odengatan 86. My place on earth. ♡

I have collected leather goods from a century, most of it restored with original linings, zips and buttons. There is nothing more beautiful than a worn leather jacket. Me and my son Erik, can restore your old favorite or I can help you to find THE jacket of your dreams.

Hope to see you soon, Eva Jangen


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Odengatan 86


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